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2106[dxatlas] Re: CW Skimmer Audio IF frequency changes on its own

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  • bill_w4zv
    Sep 7, 2010
      --- In dxatlas_group@yahoogroups.com, Wayne Adams <wa9vee@...> wrote:
      > Is it really solved in the W2UX version? I have been looking for a solution to
      > the frequencies being wrong in Skimmer when the roofing filters change in the K3
      > for a long time. Before Christmas Larry put it on his LPBridge todo list, but no
      > action yet.

      Some misinformation here...

      1. LP-Bridge does include filter offset info:

      "SDR Linking... The following functions are currently linked between the K3 and the SDR software: VFO A, VFO B, Mode, IF Offset and TX/RX. The links are bidirectional, meaning that any change made on the SDR software will be reflected at the K3, and vice versa. In addition, LP-Bridge provides links for VFO B, K3 bandwidth and Preamp/Attenuator settings to allow the vertical scale in the SDR software to be re-adjusted whenever the K3 preamp or attenuator are activated. These require setting up an additional CAT interface port in the SDR software."


      2. The K3 has filter offsets for 5-pole filters but no offset for 8-pole filters.

      3. Skimmer's Omni-Rig can only accept one offset.

      4. WU2X's latest version of PowerSDR does include offset corrections.

      "If you have selected the Elecraft K3 as your rig type, you don't need to put any values in for the IF Frequencies for each mode - leave them set to zero." (referring to PowerSDR...not Skimmer)

      To correct for the K3 offset issue with Skimmer, there are several potential solutions:

      1. Use only 8-pole filters which have zero offsets and thus do not change when switching filters.

      2. Keep track of which filter you are using and change the Skimmer > Settings > Radio > Audio IF setting manually when you switch filters. This isn't convenient but it's what I do. Since I use 500 Hz 8-poles in diversity 99% of the time on CW, it's not a huge problem for me.

      3. If Alex had time, it should be possible to read the K3 IF offsets via commands (as PowerSDR does) and correct the Audio IF settings automatically. However he's very busy and probably has higher priorities to worry about than this one.

      BTW I no longer use PowerSDR/HRD at all. I use only Skimmer directly with the K3, N1MM and LP-Bridge. For contesting and DX-ing on CW, I don't miss the PowerSDR/HRD combination at all, which takes quite a load off of my computer as well.

      73, Bill
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