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2063CW-Skimmer with SDR-IQ (and Elecraft K2)

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  • vk2nu
    Aug 24, 2010
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      Just received a new SDR-IQ and have a couple of questions..

      #1 How do I use this stand alone with Skimmer?? I have installed the dll based on previous posts I have sen, and have selected SDR-IQ in Hardware type in the Skimmer settings.

      When I turn Skimmer on it starts to decode, but doesn't display a frequency, just a number between about -8 and +8??

      Can someone tell me whether I'm doing something wrong, of whether I can even use Skimmer stand-alone with an SDR-IQ (or do I need to use another program to control the SDR-IQ).

      #2 I would also like to use this set-up with an Elecraft K2 in a panadaptor/skimmer set-up. Anyone out there able to help me with this?? I have the IF output mod (Z100000 buffer) in the K2.


      David, VK2NU
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