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2062Re: [dxatlas] How do you tell omni-rig the address of a 756 PRO?

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  • Jim Smith
    Aug 24, 2010
      Hi Sean

      Thanks for the helpful note. I'll stop looking for a way to tell
      OmniRig the PRO address.

      However, Faros still not working. Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

      Right now I've got the PRO plugged into COM 1 with my home brew level
      converter I got off DF4OR's web page (KG7SG's) and N1MM running


      N1MM is configured for COM1, 19200 baud, 8N1, Icom code 5C, RTS and DTR
      Always On

      The PRO is configured for 19200 baud, CIV address 5Ch, CI-V Transceive
      OFF and CI-V with IC-731 OFF.

      Clicking on a frequency (or band or mode) in the N1MM bandmap makes the
      PRO do what you would expect. Similarly, changing frequency (or band or
      mode) on the PRO has N1MM react the way you would expect.

      Now kill N1MM and start Faros.

      No changes made to PRO settings.

      In Faros View > Settings the dialogue box shows Enable CAT interface,
      Use Radio2 and Force CW Mode all checked.

      Clicking Configure shows RIG2 IC-756 Pro, Port COM 1, Baud rate 19200,
      Data bits 8, Parity None, Stop Bits 1, RTS High, DTR High, Poll int 500
      ms, Timeout 4000 ms

      Faros just sits there defiantly with the radio icon at the bottom left
      corner with a red background.

      Changing the baud rate to 9600 in Faros and on the PRO makes no difference.

      I thought I'd try BandMaster to see if it would work so downloaded and
      installed it. I got a black rectangle at the top of the bandmap, just
      above the band selection buttons, saying "Port is not available."
      Couldn't find anything to tell me what that means. However clicking on
      the band map has no effect on the PRO frequency.

      Just for fun, I went into Device Manager and changed the handshaking of
      the COM1 port (Flow control) from None to Hardware. Didn't help so
      changed it back.

      Checked all the connections on the interface which is somewhat fragile
      as it is built on a breadboard socket. All OK there

      Next step is to substitute an IC-706 Mk IIG and see if I can get Faros
      to work with that.

      After that, haul the giant Tek 545 scope out of the garage and check out
      the level converter - big hassle.


      73, Jim Smith VE7FO

      On 8/23/2010 3:16 AM, Sean, G4UCJ wrote:
      > I'm using Omni Rig with an IC756pro (admittedly as Rig 1, but it would be
      > the same for Rig 2), my settings are: Com: 6; Baud: 19200, data bits: 8;
      > parity: none; stop bits: 1; rts: low; dtr: low; poll: 500ms; timeout: 4000ms
      > You may need to set rts or drt to high dependent on the configuration of
      > your CI-V interface.
      > As far as I am aware, the address is hard-coded to the rig (when you select
      > IC756pro, it defaults to 5C, (if you have changed the address in the rig's
      > menu then you may experience problems as omni rig will be looking for the 5C
      > address).
      > Each Icom has it's own default address - a pro 2 has a different address to
      > a pro or a pro 3, I think this is why you don't see a box to select the
      > physical address.
      > Hope that clears it a little
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      > RX 2: Racal RA1792
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