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2061How do you tell omni-rig the address of a 756 PRO?

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  • Sean, G4UCJ
    Aug 23, 2010
      I'm using Omni Rig with an IC756pro (admittedly as Rig 1, but it would be
      the same for Rig 2), my settings are: Com: 6; Baud: 19200, data bits: 8;
      parity: none; stop bits: 1; rts: low; dtr: low; poll: 500ms; timeout: 4000ms
      You may need to set rts or drt to high dependent on the configuration of
      your CI-V interface.

      As far as I am aware, the address is hard-coded to the rig (when you select
      IC756pro, it defaults to 5C, (if you have changed the address in the rig's
      menu then you may experience problems as omni rig will be looking for the 5C

      Each Icom has it's own default address - a pro 2 has a different address to
      a pro or a pro 3, I think this is why you don't see a box to select the
      physical address.

      Hope that clears it a little

      73 de
      Sean Gilbert,
      G4UCJ - G4001SWL - SWLR-ZN018
      Digital Monitoring Station: GB969101
      Buckingham, Bucks. WWloc: IO92MA
      Web: http://www.hfradio.org.uk
      Blog: http://radioactive.hfradio.org.uk
      RX 1: IC756PRO, CI-V, SEM Multifilter
      RX 2: Racal RA1792
      ANT 1: Inverted Half size G5RV @ 10m agl
      ANT 2: Wellbrook ALA1530+ @ 3m agl

      30MDG: #0464; #0463L; EPC: #008L; #015L; CDG: #150
      DMC: #016SWL; #017SWL; #990; PODXS 070: #139

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