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206re-register - Computer Crash

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  • Steve, KE8PA
    May 8, 2005
      Hello Dave -
      Just re-install the program & write to Alex. He may even have read your request already. If you pull
      down the 'Help' menu, it has a link to e-mail VE3NEA directly. I have been using his stuff for years &
      he's been most helpful to me after SEVERAL crashes. I'm getting better though, putting passwords & all
      on a floppy, and also in a "D" drive in another networked computer. A total crash is about as bad as getting
      a new machine. It takes me months to nearly get it the way I want it. But always undergoing new changes.
      The up side is that you usually do a better job setting up your machine than last time.
      Just write to Alex.
      Steve KE8PA

      "Riding the Solar Cycle 3rd Time Around"
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      > Date: Sun, 08 May 2005 07:59:24 -0000
      > From: "delta052325e" <m0bve@...>
      > Subject: Computer Crash
      > After suffering a major computer crash 6 weeks ago and lost
      > everything. I downloaded DX Atlas for the second time. I was a
      > registered user.
      > I am now being asked to re-register after using it for 30 days after
      > downloading. Is there any way I can restore my original registration?
      > DaveH


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