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2052RES: [dxatlas] FT-1000MP MARK V CAT to CW Skimmer

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  • PT2CC Mac Hotmail
    Aug 18, 2010
      Thanks for answer me. Pete, I want to connect only CW Skimmer to the
      FT-1000MP MARK V. I know more one software is very complicate and I should
      use Microham ou similar hardware.

      My problem is: CW Skimmer do not connect to the MARK V. Mat be anybody here
      has MARK V and could send me the right configuration and/or a Omni-Rig
      settings print screen.

      Thanks for comments dear Pete


      PT2CC Mac

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      nome de Pete Smith
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      Assunto: Re: [dxatlas] FT-1000MP MARK V CAT to CW Skimmer

      Forgive me if this is silly, but are you trying to connect with Skimmer
      while running another program that is talking to the same port on the
      radio? I did that a few times, and Omnirig always failed gracefully but

      73, Pete N4ZR

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      On 8/18/2010 12:52 PM, PT2CC Yahoo wrote:
      > I am trying to connect CW Skimmer to FT-1000MP MARK V CAT using the same
      configurations tested and working fine on MIXW, HRD, N1MM and DX4Win but the
      connections is always fail and CWS message is: Radio is not responding.
      > PC -> Windows 7, logged with administrator rights
      > FT-1000MP MARK V manual says: Each byte sent consists of one start bit, 8
      data bits, no parity and two stop bits. This is 4800 bits/sec 8N2, confirmed
      with all software listed above.
      > I amd not shure about the "RTS Handshake" meaning on Omini-Rig settings. I
      have tryed all combinations with no positive result.
      > What do I am doing wrong? Any ideas, please
      > Omni-Rig Settings:
      > Rig type: FT-1000 MP
      > Port COM 5
      > Baud rate 4800
      > Data bits 8
      > Parity None
      > Stop bits 2
      > RTS Low - I have changed it to all combinations before
      > DTR High
      > Poll int 500
      > Timeout 4000
      > * MIXW, DX4WIN etc.: RTS Always off DTR Always on
      > PC COM port
      > Bits/seg 4800
      > Data bits 8
      > Parity None
      > Stop bits 2
      > Flow control None
      > ------------------------------------
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