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2050FT-1000MP MARK V CAT to CW Skimmer

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  • PT2CC Yahoo
    Aug 18 9:52 AM
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      I am trying to connect CW Skimmer to FT-1000MP MARK V CAT using the same configurations tested and working fine on MIXW, HRD, N1MM and DX4Win but the connections is always fail and CWS message is: Radio is not responding.

      PC -> Windows 7, logged with administrator rights
      FT-1000MP MARK V manual says: Each byte sent consists of one start bit, 8 data bits, no parity and two stop bits. This is 4800 bits/sec 8N2, confirmed with all software listed above.

      I amd not shure about the "RTS Handshake" meaning on Omini-Rig settings. I have tryed all combinations with no positive result.

      What do I am doing wrong? Any ideas, please

      Omni-Rig Settings:

      Rig type: FT-1000 MP
      Port COM 5
      Baud rate 4800
      Data bits 8
      Parity None
      Stop bits 2
      RTS Low - I have changed it to all combinations before
      DTR High
      Poll int 500
      Timeout 4000

      * MIXW, DX4WIN etc.: RTS Always off DTR Always on

      PC COM port
      Bits/seg 4800
      Data bits 8
      Parity None
      Stop bits 2
      Flow control None
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