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2045Rocky 3.6 Question: Frequency calibrated panadapter display.....

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  • jeraldvolpe
    Aug 16, 2010
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      I have an Orion with an LP-PAN. My 'get downright serious' configuration is with N4PY and CW-Skimmer, but a lot of the time I would like to just have a frequency tracking panadapter display running instead of Skimmer.... especially one that is kind to computer CPU and memory usage. I have successfully configured PowerSDR-IF for this function but with DXLab Suite loaded... or N1MM... depending.... PowerSDR is just way to resource intense for my needs.

      I find Rocky 3.6 nearly perfect for this need but thus far I can't find anyway to link Rocky's frequency display to the Orion's frequency. At this point it is point-and-click and that is cool but it would be a wonderful tool indeed for this purpose if Rocky's displayed frequencies updated.

      Have I missed something? Is it possible? or would this (probably) require a change in Rocky's feature set?

      73 all,
      Jerry, KG6TT

      (Long term VE3NEA Register Software User)
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