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2042Re: Problem with HamCap 1.71

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  • bill_w4zv
    Aug 14, 2010
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      > Is there a database for the calls that is out of date or what could cause this problem? I'm also wondering if there is a database update somewhere. Normally, I could click on the Month and see what the predicted propagation for next month would be or look at last month's information. Now, it's stuck on August.

      I doubt that it's the prefix database if you have problems with common calls such as DL, F, G, etc. It could be the Sunspot Number database is too old.

      Look at SSN.dat under Program Files / Afreet / HamCAP and make sure it has values beyond July 2010. If not, download and reinstall HamCAP over your present files and the latest SSN.dat will be included.

      73, Bill
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