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2027Re:Faros has stopped detecting beacons

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  • Bert - W0RSB
    Jul 21, 2010
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      --- In dxatlas_group@yahoogroups.com, "Dave Baxter" <dave@...> wrote:
      > > Faros has stopped detecting beacons
      > > Posted by: "Bert - W0RSB" bert.hyman@... bert.hyman
      > > Tue Jul 20, 2010 10:47 am (PDT)
      > >
      > > Maybe yesterday, certainly this morning, my copy of Faros stopped
      > > detecting beacons.
      > > I can hear them and see them in both the waterfall and spectrum
      > > windows, but they all show "No signal."
      > > Any suggestions for diagnosing this problem?
      > >
      > Hi Bert.
      > What are the status indicators showing at the bottom left, in
      > particular, the ones for the clock and radio? Are they Red or
      > Yellow?
      > If so, there is a problem with whatever is showing that. If it's
      > the radio that it thinks is bad, check all the remote control
      > cables etc, also see if you can control it from OmniRig, in it's
      > own right. If it's the clock gone bad, you may need to find and
      > use another NTP server, or selection of them.

      All the indicators are gray (normal) and rig control works as always.

      I think there might be a time problem, although I haven't looked at
      that particular display for a very long time, so maybe it's always
      been this way.

      I can only find 7 time servers with delays less than 60ms, and only
      two with delays less than 50ms. But, they all seem to have wildly
      different ideas about what time it is. The red line (software
      clock) runs right down the zero line, but the reports from the
      various servers are all over the screen.

      Is the exact meaning of the various displayed values in the "Clock
      Accuracy" tab explained anywhere?

      Still, the signals for the beacons that I can hear still show up
      in their appropriate slots on the "Monitor" display, positioned
      pretty much where I remember them being before.

      > Is there enough available disk space available? I have seen Faros
      > stop doing things, or do something very odd, when it can't save the
      > history files.

      Hundreds of GB left on the drive where Faros is installed.

      > Also, when it's been running nonstop for some weeks, it seems to
      > start ignoring things, getting worse the longer you leave it.
      > Shutting down/restarting always seems to fix that.

      I actually used to run it 24/7 for a while, only pausing it when
      I was on the air. I stopped that a few months ago and didn't see
      any change in behavior 'til just a couple of days ago.

      > Lastly, try a machine restart, as in shutdown/turn off (the radio
      > too!)
      > Then reboot and bring it back up again, watching for errors as it
      > comes back to life, and when you start Faros after the PC has
      > settled.

      This being Windows, rebooting was the very first thing I tried :-)

      The radio's been powered off and on a few times in the interval,
      although I haven't tried a master clear yet (it's a TenTec Omni 7).

      > Hope something helps.
      > Dave G0WBX.
      > http://g8kbv.homeip.net:8008/Faros/ibp-at-wbx.html
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