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2026Re:Faros has stopped detecting beacons

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  • Dave Baxter
    Jul 21, 2010
      > Faros has stopped detecting beacons
      > Posted by: "Bert - W0RSB" bert.hyman@... bert.hyman
      > Tue Jul 20, 2010 10:47 am (PDT)
      > Maybe yesterday, certainly this morning, my copy of Faros stopped
      detecting beacons.
      > I can hear them and see them in both the waterfall and spectrum
      windows, but they all show "No signal."
      > Any suggestions for diagnosing this problem?

      Hi Bert.

      What are the status indicators showing at the bottom left, in
      particular, the ones for the clock and radio? Are they Red or Yellow?
      If so, there is a problem with whatever is showing that. If it's the
      radio that it thinks is bad, check all the remote control cables etc,
      also see if you can control it from OmniRig, in it's own right. If
      it's the clock gone bad, you may need to find and use another NTP
      server, or selection of them.

      Is there enough available disk space available? I have seen Faros stop
      doing things, or do something very odd, when it can't save the history
      files. Also, when it's been running nonstop for some weeks, it seems
      to start ignoring things, getting worse the longer you leave it.
      Shutting down/restarting always seems to fix that.

      Lastly, try a machine restart, as in shutdown/turn off (the radio too!)
      Then reboot and bring it back up again, watching for errors as it comes
      back to life, and when you start Faros after the PC has settled.

      Hope something helps.

      Dave G0WBX.
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