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2009Spotted call from CW Skimmer to DX4Win

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  • PT2CC Yahoo
    Jun 21, 2010
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      Anybody using CW Skimmer and DX4Win can tell me where can I configure DX4 to receiver spotted call from Skimmer and how to do this?

      On Pete N4ZR article - Introduction to CW Skimmer he says Enable Telnet Server on Skimmer - I did it.

      On Dx4win I put on Preferences - Packet1, Cluster Interface:

      Type: Regular
      COM Port: TCP/IP
      Message Handshake: Skimmer>Skimmer, Localhost:7300
      BaudRate: 9600
      Flow Control: None
      Data/Parity: 8 bits/no parity

      Using ALt+A or another key combination can I transfer the current station callsig from Skimmer to DX4Win Loggin entry?
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