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1980Re: Feature request: CW-Skimmer

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  • Tobias Wellnitz
    May 29, 2010
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      Hey Alex,

      it took me some time, but today I wrote a detailed post why it would
      be handy to select VFO-A OR VFO-B as a frequency source in CW-Skimmer.
      Mainly it's a problem for all contesters which are using, Skimmer,
      Win-Test and having an SDR in the second receiver. I also tried to
      explain in this post why IMO it does not help to change the .ini file
      of Omni-Rig. I would be grateful if you could have a look over it. It
      does not require more than 5 minutes reading it.


      Thanks & best regards,

      On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 8:48 PM, Tobias Wellnitz
      <tobias.wellnitz@...> wrote:
      > Hey Alex,
      > in the latest version of Win-Test (4.4), Olivier F5MZN implemented a
      > direct interface to OmniRig.
      > Finally, CW-Skimmer and Win-Test can talk to the radio on the same COM-port.
      > There is just a little detail: A couple cw-skimmer users have tapped
      > the softrock-if to the second VFO instead of the first VFO. On the
      > FT1000MP this allows us to bypass filters and monitor a larger portion
      > of the band). The issue is, that CW-Skimmer always retrieves the
      > frequency information from the first VFO which causes some trouble if
      > the SDR is tapped to the second VFO.
      > Do you think it would be possible to include a switch in the
      > CW-Skimmer settings which let's us select the source of the frequency
      > information (either VFOA or VFOB) ?
      > Unfortunately I couldn't find a way to solve this within the .ini of OmniRig.
      > Thanks a lot,
      > 73 Toby
      > http://www.dh1tw.de
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