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  • Dave Baxter
    May 21, 2010

      Other people have reported on other lists, that if you remove (then
      clean up) and re-install the app, but DO NOT let it use the default
      install path (C:\Program files\app\... etc) but tell it to create and
      or use a unique folder right off the root of C, such as C:\app\...
      That lets many things run and behave much better with Win7.

      Not tried it myself, not got W7 yet, but I suspect it'll be foisted on
      me at work sometime.

      There are also issues with the way Win7 (and Vista) make the soundcard
      systems available to app's. Not all app's will work even if you get
      them happy to install OK.

      Again, from other lists, some have found that using VAC (Virtual Audio
      Cable) to translate from the new to old, many app's (SDR and digi mode
      programs etc) will work OK. I doubt that will help things like Faros
      though, but I digress.

      Anything is worth a try I guess.


      Dave G0WBX.

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      Posted by: "ei4hq" ei4hq.mail@... ei4hq
      Thu May 20, 2010 11:46 pm (PDT)

      Hi All,

      Long time user of DXAtlas, HamCap, Ionoprobe and Bandmaster.

      I recently moved to Windows 7. Generally its been a positive step, but
      like a great many other shareware applications that ran well under XP,
      DXAtlas and HamCap have a few issues under the new Windows application
      and security models:

      Despite being registered, I get the 'Evaluation expired' window every
      time I start it. DXAtlas does start when I click the continue button and
      behaves normally thereafter.

      All the setting are lost everytime the application shuts down

      Both applications are already running in "Administrator" mode and in
      compatibility mode for XP SP3.

      Can anyone advise 'fixes' for the above issues?

      Cormac, EI4HQ
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