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1948Re:FAROS and IC-725 Radio

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  • Dave Baxter
    May 11, 2010
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      Hi again.

      Have you managed to control it from the OmniRig client, not with Faros
      running, just that client program (that invokes the OmniRig system
      behind the scenes.)

      I also see there is a IC725 and IC725a in the list of radios OmniRig
      knows about, I guess you've tried both 'drivers'?

      If none of that works, does anything else successfully control the radio
      via that serial adapter, nothing to do with OmniRig or Faros. Ham
      Radio Deluxe (free) for example?

      As it's an Icom that uses a CI-V bus AFIK, is the radio's "address"
      setting correct for OmniRig?

      Looking in the two driver files, I suspect that the 725 file uses
      address 28, and the 725a file uses address 3E, that's about the only
      difference I can see. I don't specifically know the 725 it has to be
      said, and I can't remember much detail about the CI-V bus protocol at
      the moment either..

      As always, one step at a time.


      Dave 'wbx
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