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1931Re: [dxatlas] Re: Editing Skimmer WAV Files?

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  • Alex, VE3NEA
    May 1, 2010
      Hi Jeff,

      The center frequency, UTC date/time and other parameters of the recording
      are stored in the WAV headers. If you save a fragment of a recording in a
      new file, you can add the missing headers manually using the WavInfo tool
      available at (www.dxatlas.com/cwskimmer/files/wavinfo.zip). You can run two
      instances of this tool, open the original file in the first instance and the
      new file in the second instance, and copy-and-paste the headers.

      I believe many general purpose wav editors also have commands for editing
      the info headers.

      73 Alex VE3NEA

      ----- Original Message -----

      Editing the CW Skimmer WAV files does not seem to work with an audio editing
      tool. I sliced off all but the first 10 minutes of the file, and played it
      back using CW Skimmer. It decodes the callsigns, but the absolute frequency
      information is lost. It plots against an offset rather than the absolute
      frequencey captured.

      The unedited original ~1 hour file decodes as expected.

      Any guidance how I can slice off a ten minute period of a large captured WC
      Skimmer WAV file without losing any information?

      73, Jeff K8ND
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