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1925Latest QS1R usb drivers

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  • g3woe
    Apr 27, 2010
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      Using Skimmer1.6 with QS1R

      The latest QS1R server release V3.0.0.1 and GUI V2.0.0.3 use a new usb driver. Info from release notes are:-

      SDRMAXII versions earlier than use a new supplied driver instead of the old libusb-win32 driver. You will need to remove the libusb-win32 driver and install the new driver.

      <for "earlier" I assume they mean more recent>

      This may have broken CWkimmer which reports

      LoadFPGAfiled: Unable to load LibUsb0.dll

      Do you intend to use the new USB drivers (Win7 capable) or must we install LibUSB32 as before?. If so the advice in the release note must be ignored?
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