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1900Dxatlas and bandmaster for 6M spot

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  • ve2xk
    Apr 3, 2010

      DxAtlas and Bandmaster work great together but the only things i missing much but would be great to have is to perform the connecting line between stations OR from grid to grid in the correct way by using a existing database of VHF or UHF stations specialy for the Magic band.

      50 MHz spot are displayed wrong on the map of DxAtlas or from not precise location because Bandmaster don't know the grid of any station spoted and don't know either the formated way of spoted grid too.

      Just a idea how the plot can be much better and precise on the map of DxAtlas and not + - a few 500 Km away , specialy for VHF spot.

      73's de Michel VE2XK
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