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  • Mario Aviles
    Mar 27, 2010
      Hi Jerry:

      I tried your suggestion and it works great. After getting the hang of it and doing some trial and error finally everything is in place on RX. This evening I tried TX and I noticed that eventough I set the drive to 15 watts I get about 60 out. When I stop CW Skimmer it goes back to normal, drive at 15 output at 15. Then I start CW Skimmer, and again, drive 15 output 60. There must be something wrong with the audio level on the Flexradio Audio setting. Noticed that to get the proper signal within the green window on CW Skimmer I have to select the opposite mode, for example for above 14mhs operation instead of CWU I need to select CWL
      The other question is that if I should go back and deselect the output to VAC on the VAC setup window in PSDR when I am doing normal SSB operation?

      Did you experience the same thing?

      Thanks for your help



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      From: Jerry Flanders
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      Sent: Saturday, March 27, 2010 8:09 AM
      Subject: Re: [dxatlas] New user

      At 02:27 AM 3/27/2010, you wrote:

      >...I am using it with a Flex 5000, still in 3khz
      >mode, eventhough there is no specific support
      >for this radio on the hardware type setting, I
      >understand it can be confirgured as another radio....
      >I belong to various user groups and do believe
      >in the benefits of sharing concerns with other users.

      You can run CW Skimmer in the I/Q mode to see a
      larger slice on the primary 5000a receiver, even
      without the VAC program as follows:

      In PowerSDR Setup, click: AUDIO, VAC, OUTPUT TO VAC, OK

      In Skimmer: VIEW, SETTINGS, RADIO, check
      Softrock-IF, set Pitch 600 and Audio IF 8400.
      Also Sampling Rate 96kHz ( I am using 96 kHz for
      PowerSDR AUDIO PRIMARY Sample Rate.) In CAT,
      configure rig1 for Kenwood. In Audio, use WDM and
      01 Flexradio Audio and Left/Right - Q/I

      Setup VCOM or com0com as recommended in the
      flex-radio KB to connect PowerSDR CAT to Skimmer
      for freq control. Fine tune the Audio IF 8400
      value for accurate clicktune, if needed.

      I see 23 kHz of signals when set as above.
      Skimmer freq display follows PowerSDR and
      PowerSDR also follows clicktunes in Skimmer

      Do not use PowerSDR SR - Skimmer can't cope.

      I am using XP PRO, PowerSDR V1.18.0 from Flex
      site and CW Skimmer V 1.4. Later versions should work the same.

      Jerry W4UK

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