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1865Re-designing the radio interface

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  • Alex, VE3NEA
    Mar 22, 2010
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      Hi Dave,

      I am reluctant of making changes to the radio control code in CW Skimmer as
      I am in the process of re-designing the whole interface to the radio
      hardware. The goal is make the interface modular by moving the hardware
      control functions to an external dll. This will allow both me and third
      party developers to easily create the dll's that support new radios as well
      as extend the functionality of the already supported ones, e.g., implement
      the 192 kHz bandwidth in the IF mode and 6 or 12 kHz in the "3-kHz mode", or
      support switching between the VFO's.

      Defining the interface for such a dll is not an easy task because the radios
      vary wildly in their capabilities and requirements. Some radios, such as
      SoftRock-IF and Perseus, allow continuous tuning, while others (SoftRock and
      its numerous clones) have a fixed LO frequency and require interpolation
      within the passband. Some radios have a set of supported LO frequencies
      (multiband SoftRock). The systems based on Si570 allow continuous tuning but
      require the I/Q calibration which is possible only on the fixed LO
      frequencies, so this radio must be tuned in large steps with interpolation
      in the software. On the other hand, certain radios do not allow software
      interpolation within the passband at all - e.g., SoftRockIF requires a fixed
      offset between the LO and IF frequencies.

      Besides the different ways of controlling the frequency, there are many
      other differences between the radios. For example, some radios have a
      built-in audio DAC while others rely on a soundcard for audio output.
      Another question to answer is whether to use a COM interface or just a set
      of functions exported by the dll, a compromise between the flexibility and

      I am leaving for a trip in a few hours. Once I am back, I will try to put
      together some draft specs and post them here to start a discussion.

      73 Alex VE3NEA

      ----- Original Message -----
      Alex, several users of CW Skimmer and DXLab have requested this capability.

      Does CW Skimmer know whether the transceiver is in Split mode? If so, your
      providing a "use VFO B when in split mode" option would benefit all CW
      Skimmer users.

      If you don't plan to implement this capability, I will -- in combination
      with DXLab Commander, which does know whether or not the transceiver is in
      Split mode. Please let me know one way or the other.

      Nice to work you from 8P9RY...


      Dave, AA6YQ