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1814faros - very long delay time?

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  • Jerry Flanders
    Mar 5, 2010
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      Faros was running FB until a couple weeks ago, with almost all delays
      on the short path line as expected. Now delays appear to be in the
      range of 200 - 300 ms and all delay points are at top of details screen.

      I can't find any setting that appears wrong to me. I have uninstalled
      and reinstalled Faros - no help.

      Current settings:
      Signal delay red vertical line is about 17 ms with a "normal" (no pun
      intended) distribution of green lines centering at about 15 ms,
      extending from about 0 to about 46 ms.
      Delay correction is set to 17 ms.
      UTC Clock info std error 0.99 ms, max error 18.6 ms.

      Log file shows even high SNR stations are recording delays of 200 - 300 ms.

      Any ideas?

      Jerry W4UK
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