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1809RE: [dxatlas] Re:CAT issue?

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  • Dave AA6YQ
    Mar 1 10:49 AM
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      DXLab Commander provides a secondary CAT port that can be connected to
      "follow" frequency and mode directives emitted by another transceiver
      control application (like OmniRig).

      I have Commander controlling my IC-7800, and and Commander's secondary CAT
      port connected to CW Skimmer via com0com; works fine.


      Dave, AA6YQ

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      In general, even with a software serial "splitter" like Eltima's (there
      are other good free ones about you know!) You cannot "share" a serial
      port device (your radio) between two (or more) apps.

      Unless... You have some radio/interface management software in between,
      such as OmniRig, that other app's can in turn connect to, and use the
      data from that. And in turn, it keeps it's data tables updated as to
      what the radio is doing.

      But... HRD uses it's own internal drivers, as does I suspect DX4WIN
      (from a brief look at it's web-page) CW Skimmer I think is the only
      one here that uses Omnirig.

      At the moment, you're asking a single user machine (your IC-7800) to be
      a multi user device. It's all going to end in tears.

      Or, you'll have to somehow divert HRD's and DX4WIN's serial traffic, so
      in turn they control and poll OmniRig for their data. If you have
      Eltima's virtual serial port development tools, and a compiler of your
      choice, you could do that I suspect. But it wont be a trivial task.


      Dave G0WBX.

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      CAT issue?
      Posted by: "DavidM" w2pk@... monfried
      Sun Feb 28, 2010 4:40 pm (PST)

      Having a problem getting CW Skimmer to connect with my IC-7800 through
      an Eltima serial port splitter. Hoping someone can provide some
      suggestions on this.

      Here's the situation:

      DX4WIN (logging program)and Ham Radio Deluxe both connect well -
      simultaneously - through the port splitter. CW Skimmer does so only
      infrequently. Ideally, I'd like get all three to connect at the same

      Baud rate is correct, RTS and DTR are both set to "high," poll interval
      and time-out are both at recommended settings, and I think I'm good at
      8-N-1. So what else could it possibly be??

      Thanks for any and all advice!

      Dave, W2PK

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