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1806CAT issue?

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  • DavidM
    Feb 28, 2010
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      Having a problem getting CW Skimmer to connect with my IC-7800 through an Eltima serial port splitter. Hoping someone can provide some suggestions on this.

      Here's the situation:

      DX4WIN (logging program)and Ham Radio Deluxe both connect well - simultaneously - through the port splitter. CW Skimmer does so only infrequently. Ideally, I'd like get all three to connect at the same time.

      Baud rate is correct, RTS and DTR are both set to "high," poll interval and time-out are both at recommended settings, and I think I'm good at 8-N-1. So what else could it possibly be??

      Thanks for any and all advice!

      Dave, W2PK
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