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1803Re: [dxatlas] I miss some theory.

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  • Alex, VE3NEA
    Feb 27, 2010
      Hi Vytenis,

      IonoProbe downloads the real time foF2 values measured by the network of
      ionosonde stations, fits the mathematical model of the ionosphere to these
      values, and computes SSNe, the effective SSN, that results in the best fit.
      SSNe is then sent to DX Atlas and used to compute the real time map of
      ionospheric parameters. However, this has nothing to do with propagation
      prediction. Please note that the documentation that comes with the software
      is more accurate than any third party reviews.

      73 Alex VE3NEA

      ----- Original Message -----


      Probably I don't have some theory of radio waves propagation and miss some
      point. About Ionoprobe. One of Radio waves propagation guru's Karl
      Leutzelschwab K9LA in PVRC webinar
      clearly stated that HF propagation has correlation to Smoothed Sunspot
      Number (or smoothed SFI) and only to this number and any other number like
      daily value has very little correlation to radio wave propagation. This was
      illustrated with the graphs. Keeping that in mind, is it possible to apply
      real time data to propagation prediction in HAMCap?
      says DXAtlas shines in combination with Ionoprobe and taking Ionosonde data
      and applying it to propagation calculations. That possibly would be good.
      But although name implies, I do not see ionosonde data like foF2 or MUF
      retrieved by Ionoprobe. Just SSN, SFI, Proton flux and Xray. Is
      www.astrosurf.com stating wrong?

      Please help me to understand
      Thank you

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