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1798Feature request: CW-Skimmer

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  • Tobias Wellnitz
    Feb 25, 2010
      Hey Alex,

      in the latest version of Win-Test (4.4), Olivier F5MZN implemented a
      direct interface to OmniRig.
      Finally, CW-Skimmer and Win-Test can talk to the radio on the same COM-port.

      There is just a little detail: A couple cw-skimmer users have tapped
      the softrock-if to the second VFO instead of the first VFO. On the
      FT1000MP this allows us to bypass filters and monitor a larger portion
      of the band). The issue is, that CW-Skimmer always retrieves the
      frequency information from the first VFO which causes some trouble if
      the SDR is tapped to the second VFO.

      Do you think it would be possible to include a switch in the
      CW-Skimmer settings which let's us select the source of the frequency
      information (either VFOA or VFOB) ?

      Unfortunately I couldn't find a way to solve this within the .ini of OmniRig.

      Thanks a lot,

      73 Toby
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