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1752Re:Faros- IC-7700 and RS232 interface

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  • Dave Baxter
    Jan 28, 2010
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      I do not know the IC-7700

      If the radio can take commands to set it's mode to CW Narrow, and then
      set the frequency etc via the RS232, it can be made to work, bit of a
      "Sledgehammer to crack a nut" though, for use with Faros!

      You'll need to review the radio's manual, and probably create your own
      driver .ini file for OmniRig so it sends the correct information, the
      way the radio needs it. Then it will work. If you need help with
      that, contact me off list, as good though the OmniRig information is,
      there are a few things to trip you up if not careful.

      C-IV interfaces are easy to make yourself (NEVER EVER buy one, they are
      a rip-off when you know what's in them!) if needed. But they are only
      a hardware interface, they do not process or alter any command or data.
      I think in this case though, I suspect the 7700 can also behave as a
      C-IV interface, between the RS232 system and other ICOM radios that have
      only C-IV ports. Not 100% sure.

      Is the radio's manual (with remote command details) available in digital
      form? Much easier to tell if I could see. If it is, don't email it,
      let me know, and I'll make somewhere available for you to FTP it.


      Dave G0WBX (or at present till the end of the week, F/G0WBX)

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      1. Faros- IC-7700 and RS232 interface
      Posted by: "sm7djx" trond@... sm7djx
      Tue Jan 26, 2010 12:30 pm (PST)

      Hi everybody. I just joyned the group with hope for assistance with ICOM
      7700's RS-232 interface. Have anyone succeeded using such interface. The
      Faros version I have got is 1.3 and I have selected the IC 7800 radio
      (No 7700 option available) and although I can use the radio (and its
      RS232 inteface) with applications such as MixW, the Faros application
      will not budge.
      I'm reluctant to go down the CI-V interface route as I'd like it to be
      used for other ICOM boxes indepandantly.

      Greatful for help and assist
      73 from London, UK.

      Dave G0WBX
      (currently F/G0WBX!)
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