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1747Re: [dxatlas] Update on audio/CPU issues CWSkimmer

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  • Neal Campbell
    Jan 21, 2010
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      Hi Andy

      I sell computers tuned for PowerSDR for a living (its hard to believe...)
      and my 'Low cost' configuration (i.e., the minimum system I would put my
      name on) is an AMD X2 250 which is a dual core 3.0 GHz processor with 4MG of
      level3 cache, 2GB of fast memory and dedicated IRQs on the interface that
      talks to the sdr.

      We have found that CPU process utilization isn't the best indicator of a
      computer config (although anything over 40% is out of the running) but DPCs
      are the most appropriate. You can download a free dpc analyzer
      (google:dpclat.exe) which will tell you what your system cpu levels are.

      Neal Campbell
      Abroham Neal Software
      (540) 645 5394 NEW PHONE NUMBER

      Amateur Radio: K3NC
      Blog: http://www.abrohamnealsoftware.com/blog/
      DXBase bug reports: email to cases@...
      Abroham Neal forums: http:/www.abrohamnealsoftware.com/community/

      On Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 3:52 PM, obrienaj <k3uk@...> wrote:

      > Pete and others...
      > The SDR-IQ has arrived and I am getting the hang of it, enjoying it with CW
      > Skimmer. The audio and CPU used by CW Skimmer remains a concern. As I type
      > this message, the CPU use for CW Skimmer is 40% with the bandwidth set at 96
      > Khz and around 75% with BW at 192 Khz. The CPU is a P4 2.3 Ghz, 1 gig RAM.
      > Running XP HE. The audio issue appears to be related to demand on the CPU
      > rather than driver related, I have drivers fully updated now.
      > I am still intrigued that CWskimmer.exe is listed TWICE in my list of
      > processes, one that takes up most of the CPU and one that usually hovers
      > around just 2-3%. Is that second incidence, normal ?
      > I will probably play around with CW Skimmer on an identical second PC and
      > see what happens.
      > Andy K3UK

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