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1704Re: [dxatlas] RE: TWO SDR IQs with Skimmer

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  • Jeff Blaine AC0C
    Jan 12 9:09 PM
      The cpu load of skimmer is dependent on the number of decoders running.

      If you limit the number of decoders, then the number of sessions you can run is pretty high. I have 7 running on a 3.8G core 2. But the purpose of that box is more of dx spotting and to let me know when bands are open. Which means the number of decoders is only high on 20m.

      However, that assumes casual traffic loading. If it's field day or a big cw contest, then just 3 of these sessions on popular bands will nearly swamp the PC and either I need to limit the number of decoders - or close some of the sessions.


      From: Jeff Maass
      Sent: Tuesday, January 12, 2010 9:16 PM
      To: dxatlas_group@yahoogroups.com
      Cc: ab7r@...
      Subject: [dxatlas] RE: TWO SDR IQs with Skimmer

      > Is it possible two run two instances of Skimmer on
      > the same computer and connect them to two SDR-IQs?
      > Tnx Greg

      I'm running three instances of CW Skimmer with three
      SDR-IQ receivers.


      Put executables and all data in separate directories,
      and re-name the executable and the configuration file.

      A screen capture of one of my directories is shown at:

      I can easily run three instances on my dedicated Dell
      Vostro desktop (with a screaming Core Duo E8600/3.3 GHz
      processor). I use two displays to spread out the CW
      Skimmer windows and an instance of WinTelnetX (which
      combines spots from the three instances into a single

      On my laptop, I can run two instances without bogging

      Here is a photo of one screen with two Skimmers, before
      I got my third receiver. This was during the ARRL CW DX


      73, Jeff K8ND

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