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1686Re: [dxatlas] Poor decode.... setting adjustment ?

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  • Pete Smith
    Jan 10 8:43 AM
      Andy, are you using it with an SDR or with audio from your receiver? If
      with audio, have you checked for the possibility that the audio level is
      too high?

      For a second or two after you QSY the green zone (the audio bandpass),
      you will see very bad decoding on that stream, but if you let things sit
      still it quickly cleans up. You don't have to move the green zone to
      get decoding, except in the lower decoder window. Point your mouse
      cursor to an active decoder, and you will see what has been decoded
      there recently. Keep in mind that Skimmer is not primarily a CW
      decoder, so the user interface is optimized for different purposes - to
      find, decode, and identify stations across a wide bandpass.

      My SkimmerServer was decoding ~1800 spots per 30 minutes during the NAQP
      yesterday - pretty amazing. No, I wasn't using it during the contest,
      but rather testing for CPU load - that was using about 30 percent of the
      CPU of my small dual-core Pentium.

      73, Pete N4ZR
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      On 1/10/2010 11:19 AM, obrienaj wrote:
      > I have 21 days left on my trial. I have seen how well CW Skimmer seems to perform for others via my call being reflected back on the reverse beacon network. I have also read many comments about just how well it decodes CW. Perhaps I am missing something in the settings ...because I find the decode capability to be fairly poor , compared to some other decoding applications.
      > Since the claim of good CW Skimmer performance is made by many respected hams , I have to assume it is not the software . Is there a squelch-type setting that I am missing and need to set up ? Maybe it is just bad fists that I am encountering this weekend.
      > I am not expecting it to decode a rag-chew, just spot a few CQs and callsigns.
      > Andy K3UK
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