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1684DX Bulletin Reader - enhancement request

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  • Michael G. Carper
    Jan 8 9:53 AM

      I'd like to suggest a minor enhancement request for the DX Bulletin Reader
      to enable some users to automate the population of bulletins into the
      reader. Today, it's a manual process of copy/paste or drag/drop from email
      or webpages.

      Use case scenario:

      The users email client (Outlook, etc) can configure rules in such a way

      . when any email arrives from 425eng@... with [425ENG] in the
      subject, then

      . save a copy of that email in text format in a particular folder

      If that folder is one where DX Bulletin Reader finds bulletins, then the
      process of getting bulletins into the reader is automated by this.

      I've tested this myself by saving a copy of the email (as described above)
      into the "archive" folder. This works - but - the process of parsing the
      text to find the bulletin ID is not completed in this way. Therefore, the
      bulletin shows in the list, but has the full name of the text file. That's
      not a big deal for me - but one thing to consider.

      Mike, WA9PIE

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