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1660RE: [dxatlas] Editing OmniRig INI files

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  • Michael G. Carper
    Dec 31, 2009
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      Yep. I have poured through this and the associated tools. I still can't
      figure out how to the multiply and add functions work.

      For example.

      The Kenwood command for "Tone" is "PTxx;"; where xx is a number from 00 to
      08. So in the client, I can type PT08; (or other numbers) and that works

      However, using the following example from the Kenwood.ini:





      This will not function in the client. I can only assume that the multiply
      and add in this example don't result in sending "PTxx;" to the radio.

      There's not enough information in the documentation (for me, at least) to
      understand what multiply and add do. so if I change them, I'm not sure what
      result will be rendered.


      Mike, WA9PIE

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      Subject: Re: [dxatlas] Editing OmniRig INI files

      Hi Mike,

      The OmniRig page (http://dxatlas.com/OmniRig) has a number of tools and
      documents for those who want to edit or create new ini files. In particular,

      the file structure is described in (http://dxatlas.com/OmniRig/IniStru.txt),

      the Multiply and Add parameters are explained in Section 5.5.

      73 Alex VE3NEA

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      Subject: [dxatlas] Editing OmniRig INI files

      > I've read the online info, but I wonder if (Alex, or) anyone can give me a
      > deeper explanation about this:
      > Value<N>=<start_pos>|<length>|<format>|<multiply>|<add>[|<param_name>]
      > Specifically, I'm interested in knowing how the "multiply" and "add"
      > parameters are used.
      > Mike, WA9PIE
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