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1651STRATUM-0 NTP / GPS Time Server

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  • guvgeek
    Dec 24, 2009
      Alex (VE3NEA) indicated that members of the group were interested in an accurate NTP Time Server. Out of necessity, I built one for my FAROS 1.3 Beacon Monitoring Station in South Africa.

      See http://kw1o.com/faros/ for information on how to put one together. Select the (Review the Stratum-0 Project) link.

      Worse case cost should be under $500. Gross accuracy over my home network is +-20ms, but you can achieve better than +-10ms accuracy in Faros due to the way it averages the time data. I never even approached this level of accuracy from NTP Internet Time here in South Africa. Much of the time +-100ms was the norm, and Internet downtime is high. If you build one, I think you will be surprised at how poor Internet Time really is. In my research for the project, I found that in general, Internet business transactions only require +-200ms accuracy, thus there really is no need for very accurate time on the Internet, at least from an Internet business perspective!

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