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1598Faros - PPS GPS Implementation

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  • Peter Wetzig
    Nov 20, 2009
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      Hi Dave (G0WBX),

      I got your data about actions and GPSs. I have too many projects
      already to take on something like that. I will stick to the "over the
      counter" Garmin 18x LVC and put all my effort into the software.

      You don't mention what sort of problems you had with NTP - on FreeBSD or
      Meinberg NTP on Windows - only that it locks your PC. I assume on
      Windows you patched serial.sys to implement serialpps.sys from Dave
      Harts web site. Did you get the NTP installs to run as simple secondary
      servers with the Internet?

      I had absolutely no problems with the Meinberg Windows port - running
      three or four copies on different PCs, one with the Garmin ETrex GPS
      configured. FreeBDS 7.0 I have downloaded and tried, but I have put it
      aside for now - I expect NOT to go with FreeBSD - my experience is with
      Linux, and I don't feel inclined to split my efforts. I have not yet
      tried a PPS GPS on any system.

      I have Ubuntu Linux servers running NTP. My first steps are to rebuild
      ,and replace, my existing Linux kernel and get the process correct, and
      easily repeatable. Then when I have ironed out all the bugs from that
      process, I will connect my Etrex GPS in serial NMEA mode and see if it
      still functions as before and run it for a while, then attach the 18x
      LVC and verify that works in serial NMEA mode. Then ever so carefully,
      try to follow the process for the NTP Type 22 driver, linking it to the
      Type 20 serial GPS driver, to implement PPS.

      Here <http://wiki.enneenne.com/index.php/LinuxPPS_installation> you will
      find details about the LinuxPPS implementation - its been going for a
      few years. In September, the people behind it had the code accepted
      into the latest Linux kernel, version 2.6.31, making it a lot simpler to
      get started. The code used to be in the form of "patches" needing a lot
      of experience to get running. This new kernel version is that currently
      used by Ubuntu 9.10 - and I have already downloaded the complete source
      code, configured the PPS parts, and compiled the kernel - for both
      Ubuntu and the patched kernel source code from LinuxPPS here
      <http://wiki.enneenne.com/index.php/LinuxPPS_installation>. The email
      reflector for the group indicates the updated installation
      documentation, covering the 2.6.31 kernel code inclusions, is due out at
      the end of the November.

      That suits me, because that's about when the Garmin 18x LVC should
      arrive, and I should be building Linux kernels in my sleep by then.

      Peter VK4IU
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