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1570[dxatlas] Re: Timing Question

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  • vk4iu
    Nov 16, 2009
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      ... your attached image has been removed Dave. The group moderator does not allow attachments.

      Clearly, you need to be controlling the IC-PCR1000 via OmniRig I see other messages here to show you how to do that. OmniRig with switch the radio to the correct frequency at the correct time. Without that, we will ONLY be able to use ONE beacon on ONE frequency at a time.

      I would approach your whole problem in a slightly different way. You need to "prove" the components one at a time to develop the system as a whole.

      Your IC735 is supported directly by OmniRig and Faros - so start with it. Connect it up, don't worry about signals or time - just watch that Faros and Omnirig drive the 735 to the correct bands and frequencies at about the correct time. If not, solve that problem first.

      When that works, worry about what signals Faros can see. If you are getting little - fix the antenna!

      When that works, worry about the Internet time. Follow the process in my previous message. Plan-B is all about Internet time and your not at that point yet.

      Peter VK4IU

      > I attach an image of my Clock-Accuracy screen, and you can see my problem -I
      > think it shows 'slipping time' scatter. I have not used the 150 scale before
      > and the slope is not as bad as it is when using the 50ms scale (duh).
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