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1566K3 LP-Pan Setup Help Needed

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  • hjohnc1999
    Nov 15, 2009
      After Sweepstakes, I thought I should try CW Skimmer like everyone else. I can see what a help it would be chasing a clean sweep. Operating Unlimited and looking for the sweep is fun, but when you get to the last few, relying on the cluster means you are in a big pileup whenever a rare section appears. Spent 4 hours looking for Santa Barbara, working every W6 I could find. Finally hit paydirt in the cluster pileup when it was finally spotted on the cluster.

      So, I downloaded and installed CW Skimmer. It decodes fine, but I can't seem to get the right settings to link the frequency readout to my K3. My equipment is a K3, who's IF out goes to an LP-Pan. I'm not running PowerSDR or any other sound card program.

      I set CW Skimmer as follows:
      --- Radio
      96 khz
      CW Pitch = 550
      Audio IF = -5380

      --- Audio
      Signal = E-MU 0202
      Audio = E-MU 0202
      Left/Right = Q/I
      Shift = 0 Samples

      --- CAT
      Use Radio 1
      --- Configure
      Elecraft K3
      COM 2
      8, N, none, 1, high, high, 500ms, 4000ms

      The box to the right of the blue up and down arrows reads 0.00 and is greyed out. The vertical scale reads from just above 006 at the top to just below -006 at the bottom.

      Suggestions welcomed!

      73 de K1ESE