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1564Icom IC-PCR1000 receiver with Omni-Rig, for Faros to use.

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  • Dave Baxter
    Nov 12, 2009
      Hi All.

      I have a working "helper" program, and rig ini file, that allows
      Omni-Rig to use the Icom IC-PCR1000 receiver, and therefor allows Faros
      the beacon monitor to work with that radio, and work very well! Though
      at present, only for single mode (CW Narrow) working for beacon

      You do need a virtual null modem (Eterlogic's VSPE, or N8VB's VCOM tool)
      so it can take orders from Omni-Rig, but that is all, and both of those
      tools are just "Sooo" useful for doing other things with anyway...
      (Remoting serial ports over a LAN/Internet for example.)

      If anyone needs the IC-PCR1000 helper program, let me know.

      For the record, the PCR does not report back it's frequency, mode or
      filter settings, and Omni-Rig does not remember them either. The
      "helper" program does that instead. As above, it works well.

      This radio also uses the same single command to set the frequency, mode,
      and filter in one hit, so it's not easy (if posible) to individualy
      manipulate the mode and filter settings for example without some
      assistance between Omni-Rig and the PCR. Unless anyone knows otherwise.


      Dave Baxter