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1559RE: [dxatlas] RE: Using IC-735 with CWSkimmer/RigSync

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  • Edward Russell
    Nov 10, 2009

      Thanks for the detailed message. The setting shown in the quickstart for
      Skimmer on the Options panel is not in use and not necessary. It is
      unfortunate that it is shown with a previous beta version that had the box
      enabled, even though it did nothing. This setting is reserved for a future
      version of RigSync.

      You do need to select your ICOM in the OmniRig part of the panel. The
      quickstart instructions are correct here. Once your radio is selected,
      RigSync should display the frequency. If it does, proceed in the
      instructions to enable Skimmer with the SYNC and SKIM buttons.

      If your radio frequency is not displayed by RigSync, there is a problem
      either with the OmniRig setup or with RigSync's communication with OmniRig.
      To check this, try another program that uses OmniRig to make sure it is
      working correctly with your rig. I suggest BandMaster which can be
      downloaded here: http://www.dxatlas.com/BandMaster/

      If BandMaster works and RigSync doesn't, we have identified a problem that I
      need to fix. This is where I need more details.

      Thanks for working with me on this,

      73 Ed W2RF

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      Subject: Re: [dxatlas] RE: Using IC-735 with CWSkimmer/RigSync

      Ed, The Icom utilizes Comm 2 for CW Skimmer, Comm 1 for XMLog, MMTTY and
      WinPsk. CW Skimmer works with the radio when stand alone. Ham Radio Deluxe
      recognizes the radio and I have full control from the computer. When
      used,WinKeyer USB utilizes Comm 9. I'm trying to set up RigSync on the Icom
      using Comm 2. I cannot select CW Skimmer for Rig 2 as shown on page 2 of the
      tutorial. The application button for Skimmer is not active. RigSync displays
      SSB and Rig 1 & 2 are both checked on the first screen. When I select the
      Sync button the vfo's go to 0.001 KHz from where I have them set. The only
      program I have running when I try to configure is RigSync and the computer
      is disconnected from the internet.

      I hope this will help.


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      > Hi Burton,
      > I've had a number of reported problems with RigSync and Icom rigs.
      > Unfortunately I don't have access to one. If I can get a very precise
      > description of the problem I might be able to figure it out.
      > 73 Ed W2RF
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      > To: dxatlas_group@yahoogroups.com <mailto:dxatlas_group%40yahoogroups.com>

      > Subject: [dxatlas] RE: Using IC-735 with CWSkimmer/RigSync
      > Has anyone been successful getting CWSkimmer & RigSync working together
      > using an Icom IC-735? My radio works fine with CWSkimmer and Ham Radio
      > Delux. I can't get the RigSync setup using the tutorial.
      > Burton - wb6cyk
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