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1555Skimmer Server - Some observations

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  • sm5ajv_ingo
    Nov 9, 2009
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      First of all I would like to congratulate Alex on
      the Skimmer Server FW/SW! Great done! And a very good
      example of what can be done with SDR.

      I am testing the Skimmer Server and found that my call
      SE5E is not captured by the Skimmer Server when CQ:ing.
      I am using Validation Normal. I understand that decoding
      10 diths and distinguish it from noise is difficult.
      Is it possible to use a master.dat file for validation of
      calls? I think this is possible in CW Skimmer (non-server)?

      How will cw skimmer server survive with several strong signals
      for instance in a contest when working Mult-Multi?
      Is there any AGC per receiver or detection thresholds that
      will be affected?

      I have done one short test, transmitting on another close
      antenna on 80 meters.
      My 'CQ DE SM5AJV' was not detected on 80 meter, but the
      harmonics on 40, 20 and 10 was. Any ideas of the reason
      behind this?

      73 de
      Ingo SM5AJV / SE5E