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1553RE: [dxatlas] issues with DX Atlas ver 2.25, HamCAP ver 1.16, and Ionoprobe ver 1.36

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  • John T. Fleming
    Nov 6, 2009
      Uninstall Ionoprobe. Make a new folder called My Ham Programs or something
      like that. Then install Ionoprobe in that folder. This defeats one of the
      security measures built into Vista/Windows 7. Make sure you have a good
      anti-virus program and you should be OK.

      Vista/Windows 7 is like Unix/Linux in that the program folder which they
      call Bin in Linux does not allow programs to write data to that folder. With
      Vista/Windows 7, the data that the program thinks it writes to the program
      folder is actually in a Virtual Store area and the other programs don't know
      to look there.

      Another option is to go to the program folder for Ionoprobe and click on the
      Compatibility Files button at the top of the display. That will take you to
      the Virtual Store area. Write down that path which will be long and link the
      other programs to the folder with the Ionoprobe data and text files.

      Good luck.




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      Subject: [dxatlas] issues with DX Atlas ver 2.25, HamCAP ver 1.16, and
      Ionoprobe ver 1.36

      Help Please...

      i have all three programs, DX Atlas and HamCAP work fine together but
      neither will sync with Ionoprobe all are registered and unlocked...

      HamCAP says i need version 1.11 or higher and i have the latest verion
      installed and registered (ver 1.36)

      DX Atlas 2.25 installed and registered will not let me choose the real time
      data from Ionoprobe ver 1.36 at all

      has anyone else had this problem and if so what had to be done to fix

      i am running windows Vista ((huge mistake))

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