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1511OmniRig and MixW

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  • DavidQ
    Sep 22, 2009
      I'm using OmniRig with an Elecraft K3 and two OmniRig-enabled applications, XMLog and MixW.

      XMLog is working well with OmniRig but I'm having trouble with MixW. With OmniRig running MixW tracks frequency, band and mode changes but I can't get MixW to put the tranceiver into transmit mode.

      In MixW, in the Configure --> TrCVR CAT / PTT I have CAT set to OmniRig and PTT/CAT port select set to none.

      Is there something else I need to do in the MixW configuration to enable transit? Is this a problem with OmniRig or MixW/