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149RE: [dxatlas] morse runner

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  • Eric - VE3GSI
    Dec 16, 2004

      Just for the sake of trying, I installed Morse Runner v.1.4 on a Windows
      98SE machine after reading your message. At the Audio Buffer default
      setting the programme had poor sound, but when I changed the value from 3 to
      5 and restarted the programme it worked ok. (I have not tried number 4 yet).

      The computer used for this test is a Pentium 166MMX with 88 Meg of RAM. The
      audio drivers for the SoundBlaster 16 sound card are the default drivers
      installed by Windows. There is no virus checker or background programmes
      running on this machine.

      As a suggestion, if you are running a Norton's product you may wish to
      disable it and try again. The same goes for other programmes you may have
      running in background.

      On the Windows XP box I normally use for 'Ham Radio', I have no problems at
      all with Morse Runner.


      If there were only one change I would ask Alex to do, is an option that
      would allow me to reverse the up/down arrow functions. To me it would make
      more sense to have the up arrow increase the audio pitch and the down arrow
      to lower it. For sure, it is a great programme.

      73 Eric - VE3GSI.

      -----Original Message-----
      From: Sean D.
      Subject: [dxatlas] morse runner

      I am having a trouble with no sound in windows 98SE. Anyone else
      having this trouble.

      Thank you.

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