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148Re: [dxatlas] morse runner

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  • Gabriele Battaglia
    Dec 16, 2004
      Hello Sean...
      Gabriel here, from North-East of Italy.
      Yes, for sure, I've got the same problem on Windows 98 Second edition.
      Unfortunately I'm not able to use Morse Runner altought I really wish to do
      I already aks Alex about this trouble and it seems there isn't solution.
      When I start MR, after choosing a way from Run menu, I can hear some strange
      sounds coming out from my phones: noisy and some cw waves but nothing
      Alex, is it possible for you make some test in a pc runs WIN98? I'm not a
      programmer but I imagine that there something wrong in comunication protocol
      bitween sound card and memory banks. Maybe MR needs of some little
      adjustements in order to run properly on 98. Well... I hope so... :-)

      Thanks for further message in this topic, I really would like this bug
      73 - Gabriel IZ4APU.
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