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1470Frequency Not shown on CW Skimmer

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  • Cody
    Jul 22, 2009
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      I just downloaded you program CW Skimmer. I am using the 706 MllG with a west mountain radio USB radio interface. I have radio control Via Hamradio deluxe but I can not see the the frequency in the uper right corner, nor am I seeing a water fall when I installed a stereo cable from my speaker out to Mic in of the laptop. I am running XP pro CPU is 2.19 GHz.
      I have everything set up by default and the Com port 3 is the correct,it's the same one I'm using for the Hamradio Deluxe


      3 kHz radio

      rig None
      port 3
      baud rate 4800
      data 8
      party None
      Stop Bit 2
      RTS handshake
      DTR High
      Poll 500
      Time out 4000

      Thanks in advance Kc2lsd Cody
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