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1461Re: [dxatlas] My eham review - Skimmer was a game changer for me

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  • Felipe Ceglia - PY1NB
    Jul 16, 2009
      Maybe I didnt quite get it, but are you decoding it visually on the
      software's horizontal waterfall?


      Felipe - PY1NB

      Zack wrote:
      > For years I tried off and on to relearn the code but I never kept up
      > with it. Spent most of my time In the past few years on PSK and most
      > recently on JT64A.
      > Earlier this year I decided to give Skimmer a try with my Flex-5000A.
      > Because soundcard modes integrate so well (no interface is needed) with
      > my rig I found that I was getting 75-95% good copy with CW. Using the
      > waterfall in Skimmer and the panadapter in my 5000A are killer apps.
      > Also, my rig has a built in CW program that lets you set up
      > preprogrammed memory keys and also lets you type via the PC keyboard.
      > Making radio VISUAL changes everything. And it was not long before I was
      > spending 100% of my time on CW.
      > I was amazed how well it would copy even with fairly weak signals. If
      > the copy was well below 75% I could usually figure out what the other
      > guy was sending anyway. Once the trial period expired I bought a license
      > for it because I could not do without it.
      > The fastest copy I have seen it decode was around 40+ WPM, not that I
      > see much on the bands faster than that.
      > Skimmer is used by me in contests but I only use it to increase my DXCC,
      > VUCC and WAS count. BTW I never submit any scores because it is against
      > the rules and I am mainly a DX'er anyway.
      > Lately I have been doing a lot of CW on 6M as there has been a lot of
      > eskip. It is fascinating to see how quickly signals will appear and just
      > as quickly fade. And I can see 12khz all at once so lots of times I get
      > to make the contact before most others would even tune across the DX.
      > Now I know a lot of CW purists would like to yell at me for using
      > Skimmer, saying it is somehow "cheating". Is it cheating if you copy CW
      > by ear and use a word processing program to transcribe the copy? How
      > about using an iambic keyer or a dedicated CW keyboard? If my radio only
      > uses transistors is that cheating. After all real radios glow in the
      > dark don't they? Does that mean I need to get a spark transmitter instead?
      > Skimmer is just a tool that makes my hobby easier. Just like how my
      > Flex-5000A is easier to use than Drake twins.
      > I admire those who can TX 50 wpm per minute with a straight key and copy
      > everything in their head. However, I am not one of those people. On the
      > other hand I am now actually spending a lot more time on the radio since
      > I discovered Skimmer. I find operating CW with it is more interesting
      > than PSK.
      > 73
      > Zack
      > N8FNR

      Felipe Ceglia - PY1NB
      PR1T team member /// Rio DX Group member /// Araucaria DX Group member
      http://www.dxwatch.com /// http://reversebeacon.net ///
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