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1457Inonoproble 1.36

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  • w3kl@w3kl.com
    Jul 10, 2009
      Ever since purchasing Ionoproble 1.36 I have had this problem and have never resolved it nor have I been given any explanation as to how I can go about fixing it.  Problem:
      Even though I specify Autodownload, the program never does an autodownload.  NONE of the symbols that are supposed to appear at the bottom right hand side of the window has EVER appeared.  Yes, I have watched the software during the period when a download should be available and nothing happens.  In order to get the latest data, I have to manually dowload it.
      Yes, I have also downloaded the "recent", "old", and "reports" data as others once suggested - still nothing.
      I'm running Windows XP SP3 on a Dell Precision M90 (plenty of compute power).
      PLEASE, can someone help me?  Alex????
      73, Jeff

      Jeffrey K. Okamitsu, PhD, MBA

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