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1446CWSkimmer: can we reorient the display?

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  • w9ol
    Jun 23 11:07 AM
      Hope I'm in the right place for requests.

      one issue that gives me problems.
      As far as I can tell, most bandmaps are oriented with lower frequencies at
      the top, at lest Writelog, N1MM, and DXLabs bandsmaps appear to be that way.

      Is there a way to orient the CSKimmer bandmap to reflect Lower Freqs on top
      and higher below?

      I really like CWSkimmer and this would help my feeble brain. Scrolling UP in one Bandmap and Down in the other really drives my Vertigo to extremen.

      BTW: I've used CWSkimmer on SSB
      With the wide band of 6 meters, I can see the signal waves of SSB in the
      bandmap even though they are way out of my audio filters.
      Click in the center of the 'waves' get's me pretty close to on frequency.