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1442Re: [dxatlas] Suggestion for a new application to add to the suite ...

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  • Jeff Blaine
    Jun 20, 2009
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      May I suggest the HRD digital modes program DM780?

      This provides an AF-based waterfall that is very helpful to use in
      optimizing tuning. It's one of the many things I use DM780 for which is
      the centerpoint of my station.

      And in addition to that, it provides full 2-way capability for just
      about every digital mode known, in addition to CW. The functionality
      and beauty are really hard to comprehend.


      bert.hyman wrote:
      > A graphical CW tuning aid for us tone-deaf operators.
      > I've been using an audio spectrum analyzer app that I found on the Web
      > a while ago to make sure the audio note of a received signal is at
      > 700Hz (my rig's default offset) so that it's peaked in the filter
      > passband and I'm on the same frequency as the other station.
      > It works, but since it's a general purpose program, the controls and
      > display are not optimized for this use.
      > I understand that the Elecraft K3 has this feature built in; my Omni
      > VII doesn't.
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