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  • Dave Baxter
    Jun 20, 2009

      What I (and at least one other user in the UK) would like to see, is
      Faros (the NCDXF beacon monitor) being able to natively use a GPS
      receiver to synchronise it's internal clock, possibly using a 1PPS
      signal if available, so not having to rely on very creaky and unreliable
      NTP sources some ISP seem to provide.

      Or, a "Simple to setup and use" GPS disciplined NTP server program for
      the LocalHost.
      There are some programs and tools about to do this, but they are
      anything but simple to setup and use, and often prohibitively expensive
      for "enthusiast" use sadly.

      After all, the beacons themselves are controlled by a single chip micro
      (quite an antique in fact) that does just that, keeping accurate time,
      disciplined by a local GPS RX.

      If this could be done in a future version of Faros, or as an additional
      program/tool for Faros users, it would make the program most useful for
      portable DXpedtions etc, and for those who have to rely on Dial up
      internet or (as I suffer) incompetent ISP's who don't even know what NTP
      is, or not even having the luxury of an internet connection at all.


      Dave G0WBX/G8KBV
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