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144CW speed curiosity

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  • George Harlem
    Dec 16, 2004
      Alex, I finally found some time to try out MR. My first question (of
      more, I suspect): the cw speed is set to 32 wpm. I generally do
      contesting at 34 wpm. However, the sent speed sounded a lot faster
      than 32, more like 38! Stations "came back" to me at around 32. Is
      there a way to verify the speed? I ran a second short test at a MR
      setting of 28 wpm and that sounded to me more like what I hear from
      N1MM Logger at a setting of 34.

      MR vs. N1MM...which is the REAL cw speed?

      Terrific program, thank you for developing it, a great skill
      improvement tool!

      73, George W1EBI