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1422CWSkimmer - Best Use

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  • Harold Aaron
    May 29, 2009
      Hi folks. I am trying to figure out the best use of Skimmer to support contests. I have a K-3 running LP-Bridge, PowerSDR and N1MM. Using Wintelnetx for spots.

      I have an R-75 receiver under CAT control.

      Presently I am using R-75 as a standalone and TELNET spots to Wintelnetx. This works fine, but the frequency of the spot appears to be about 300HZ off from the K-3 dial. Skimmer is in 3KHZ mode. My CW Tone on the K-3 is set to 550HZ. If I sent the CW Tone on CWSkimmer to 850 it appears to match up with the K-3. Is there a way to sync the frequencies?

      Another alternative would be to set Skimmer CAT to LP-Bridge Port, use the EMU-0202 sound card as the audio source and set Skimmer to Softrock-IQ. PROS and CONS?

      Goal is to simply get reliable spots (correct frequency) into N1MM bandmap from Skimmer and would appreciate a monosyllable explainations/opinions.

      Thanks much,

      Hank WB4ROA
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